Who Am I?

Seasoned software development professional with over a decade of experience leading teams, mentoring emerging talent, and delivering successful projects. I specialize in web and hybrid application implementation and have a proven track record of crafting seamless user experiences. My comprehensive journey spans server-side and client-side development, providing a nuanced understanding of front-end technologies. Thriving in collaborative environments, I excel at fostering teamwork and driving innovation while maintaining a strong focus on professional development.

  • Proficient in web development, with a strong command of W3C and ECMA standards. I specialize in crafting semantic and reusable code for robust structures.
  • I possess robust organizational and project management skills and excel in leading geographically dispersed online teams. My approach to teamwork is characterized by collaboration and motivation.
  • I am adaptive to emerging applications and technologies, ensuring a proactive stance in embracing innovative solutions. My passion lies in creating engaging and functional user experiences, reflecting my commitment to the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

Work Experience

  • Nov 2022 – Feb 2024 (Remote)

    Senior Software Developer

    Vivid Land (Sydney, Australia)

    I led the development of a highly efficient cross-platform mobile application focused on inventory management and streamlined the dark-store order process. Utilizing my skills, I successfully implemented an online store application, bringing Figma designs to life through meticulous development and integrating them seamlessly with RESTful APIs. Additionally, I actively contributed to various web-based projects, showcasing my versatility and commitment to delivering innovative solutions in the digital realm.

    Stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Ionic, React, React Native, SCSS, NgRx, Redux, Nestjs, Tailwind CSS

  • Nov 2019 – Nov 2022 (Remote)

    Senior Front-end Developer

    Top Agent Solutions (Topas) (Sydney, Australia)

    I engineered a sophisticated multilingual and themeable stock exchange web application using the Angular framework, demonstrating my expertise in front-end development. Leveraging NGRX for state management, I ensured a seamless user experience and implemented continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) support, automating custom-builds for various environments, including development, staging, and production.

    In addition, I created a lightweight Progressive Web App (PWA) version of the application with identical functionality, optimizing each component for optimal performance. To achieve this, I developed most dependencies, underscoring my commitment to efficiency and quality.

    Working closely with the UI/UX team, I brought their vision to life by implementing Adobe XD and Figma wireframes. I also designed and developed an intuitive administration panel, utilizing Angular and adhering to Material design standards to manage system functionality and resources efficiently.

    Furthermore, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the company's online presence by implementing the website template using Twitter Bootstrap, ensuring a responsive and visually appealing digital presence aligned with the brand standards.

    Stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, SCSS, NgRx, RxJS, WebSocket

  • Nov 2012 – Nov 2019 (Hybrid)

    Front-End Developer


    Proficient in implementing, testing, and designing website templates for universal compatibility. Developed over 40 responsive templates, most supporting Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), and all built with LESS, SCSS, and Twitter Bootstrap. I contributed to several Angular web applications. I engineered a modular JavaScript system enabling diverse websites to incorporate features like video ads and carousels. Known for my meticulous attention to detail, I collaborate closely with web designers to achieve pixel-perfect web pages.

    Stack: JavaScript, SCSS, jQuery, Less, Bootstrap

  • 2011 – Oct 2015 (Part Time / Remote)

    Web Developer and Server Administrator

    Children and Kids TV Channel (Pooya TV)

    As a web developer, I implemented a website's back-end and front-end using PHP and MySQL, creating RESTful API services. I developed web applications for TV scheduling and EPG data management using jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript. I also migrated massive live MySQL databases to MariaDB, significantly improving performance.

    Stack: JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Joomla!, Node.js

  • 2010 – Mar 2012 (Part Time / Remote)

    Full-Stack Developer

    iFilm TV

    As a web developer, I designed and developed a multilingual website for a fast-growing entertainment TV channel. I also created iMusic, a web application for music archiving and metadata managing coupled with RESTful API for third-party apps. To improve website performance, I made a multi-layer cache system using Memcached, Varnish, and file caching. Additionally, I implemented a user-friendly newsletter manager, template designer, and email sender web application using AngularJS for front-end and PHP and MySQL for back-end.

    Stack: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Memcached, Varnish, CSS, FFMPEG, Linux

Notable Projects

  • Aug 2018 – Oct 2023

    Project Manager and Developer

    HOP: HbbTV Open Platform
    HOP: HbbTV Open Platform

    HOP is an open-source TypeScript-based project I started under MIT license and is available publicly on GitHub. This project is created to create fast and optimized HbbTV applications in mind. It uses various RESTful APIs like news, weather, and stock market summary and enables users to access it while watching TV. HbbTV applications work on most smart TV sets and can bring web-based interaction to the screen.

  • Sep 2021 – Present

    Guest Lecturer at IRIB University

    Guest Lecturer at IRIB University

    As a guest lecturer, I presented graduate-level online courses in Multimedia Production and Advanced Multimedia at IRIB University for four semesters. The courses covered multimedia history and technologies, UI/UX design principles, and advanced digital audio and video production and analysis techniques. I gained valuable experience developing course curricula, lecturing, and mentoring master students in multimedia and production skills. The students produced diverse multimedia projects applying concepts learned in class.

  • Oct 2016 – Present

    Web Application Developer

    Atlas TV Automation
    Atlas TV Autiomation

    Atlas TV Automation is a web application for TV scheduling and asset management. It provides a unique interface, modern usability features, and advanced user and access levels management for producing, managing, archiving, and distributing TV agendas on playout software, websites, and social media. I was the sole front-end developer in this project. I used BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, jQuery, and related technologies to provide a rich and improved interface for RESTful APIs from a distributed architecture of back-end services.

  • Dec 2017 – May 2018

    Web Application Developer

    Dericoin: Online Cryptocurrency exchange platform

    I developed a multilingual and highly customizable cryptocurrency exchange platform. In this project, I used Angular franework, and used RESTful services from a multi-layer MVC.net back-end. I also used SCSS and Bootstrap for styling. Although the project was canceled before launch due to financial issues, the beta version of the application was ready at that time. We used Microsoft TFS for managing the project development and the team of developers/designers.

Open Source

Besides my work experiences and freelance projects, I try to lend a helping hand to other programmers and work for public services for free. I also write and edit Wikipedia articles.

All of my open-source projects are accessible from my Github page
I spend some of my spare time assisting others mainly on StackOverflow.


JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, SCSS, LESS, HTML, PHP
Node.js, Angular 2+, React, React Native, Ionic
Tailwind CSS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, UnderscoreJS, Handlebars
MySQL, Redis, Memcached, MongoDB
Server Administration
Ubuntu Linux, RHEL CentOS Linux, Microsoft Window Server